Natural Care During Pregnancy for Mama and Baby

Acupuncture can be used at all stages of pregnancy for both mom and baby.  Whether you are trying to get pregnant, are in any trimester of your pregnancy, about to deliver, or already have your little one, Chinese medicine can support your wellbeing.  Chinese medicine is famous for an acupuncture point on the inner wrist for nausea and morning sickness, but there is much more we can treat!  Lumbar and other back pain, for instance, can usually be relieved in a few visits.  Stress and overwhelm that can often accompany fluctuations in hormones and life transitions can also be brought back into balance with some regular acupuncture care.

Pre-birth Acupuncture Visits - Studies and midwives widely recognize that women who receive regular acupuncture care throughout all stages of their pregnancy tend to experience a easier and smoother labor and delivery.  Labor induction with acupuncture is well known for its effectiveness to start labor, but for that induction to promote a smooth labor, a specific series of pre-birth acupuncture visits are recommended.  Pre-birth acupuncture helps the body prepare for labor by using points to relax the pelvic muscles and softening the cervix. It’s ideal if you can start acupuncture in the first trimester, but if you are already in your last trimester that is great too! At 32 weeks we can begin a specific set of points to help prepare the body for labor, administered weekly til birth.  In addition, we can add points that address specific symptoms like fatigue and stress, that will also help prepare for labor.  We can also provide you with information and education about acupressure points for labor.

Moxibustion for Breeched Baby - also known as Moxa - is a technique that can be used to turn a baby who is breeched or not presenting in the optimal position.  Moxa is fermented mugwort that has been dried and rolled into a stick and can be lit to warm a certain acupuncture point known to turn babies.  The mother will be given a moxa stick to take home and warm a certain point daily for 10 days.  Babies usually turn in about 80% of cases.  Pre-birth acupuncture visits are recommended for this presentation as well as preforming moxibustion at home.

Postpartum Care - traditionally is an integrated care of motherhood in China.  We can prescribe herbs to take after you give birth to prevent postpartum depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and abnormal bleeding.  We can also recommend moxa application and dietary suggestions specific to your constitution to keep postpartum energy and mood stable and healthy. Post-partum visits are recommended starting10-14 days after birth once a week for 2-3 weeks.


Gently Assisting with Pregnancy  

  • Pregnancy

  • Morning sickness

  • Back and sacral pain

  • Overwhelm and fatigue

  • Stress

  • Hypertension

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Labor preparation - Pre-birth acupuncture

  • Labor induction

  • Breech and not optimal positioning

  • Placenta previa

  • Post-partum depression and anxiety

  • Dietary recommendations

  • Acupressure education

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